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French Fruit Tart Recipes

There are French fruit tart recipes for just about any fruit you can think of. At its simplest, a tart will be made with just a short crust base topped with flavorful fruit and a sprinkle of sugar. Oftentimes you will also find a custard layer, and then there is a whole special class of tarts called les tarte tatins that are baked upside down, and then flipped to serve.

apple custard tart Apple Custard Tart - Tarte Normande

This classic French tart features apples baked in a custard spiked with Calvados brandy. Serve warm with whipped cream or crème fraîche.

apricot tart Apricot Tarte Tatin

Caramelized apricots are baked with the pastry shell on top, then flipped over when it comes time to serve.

cherry tart recipe Cherry Tart Recipe

This cherry tart recipe might be called a Tarte Montmorency in French, but you can make it with any number of different cherries.

french apple tart French Apple Tart

This French apple tart is an upside-down fruit pie that you turn over after baking. A recipe created by error - you can read the story here.

lemon tart recipe Lemon Tart Recipe

This easy lemon tart recipe features a tangy lemon curd. Tarte au citron is perfect for when you are craving something sweet and sour.

pear tart recipe Pear Tart Recipe

Here's a super easy French pear tart recipe. You can use this tarte amandine, featuring ground almond paste, to create other fruit desserts as well.

plum tart recipe Plum Tart Recipe

Try this yummy French plum tart recipe that features a kirsch flavored custard layer. Be sure to make it when plums are in season and naturally sweet.

strawberry tart recipe Strawberry Tart Recipe

Try this delicious French strawberry tart recipe when the berries are at their peak. Tarte aux fraises is one French fruit dessert that is sure to be a hit.

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