Baked Fish Recipes
Seafood Casseroles

Here are some quick and easy baked fish recipes. Oven baking is a wonderful way to cook fish and seafood. The aroma is never overpowering the way it can be sometimes when you fry or sautee fish. Follow the directions and you will have moist and delcious fish everytime.

Baked Fish Roulades

This easy fish recipe calls for rolling the fillets, which gives the dish an elegant touch, without being fussy to prepare.

Easy Baked Fish for Kids

This is one of our kids recipes, and introduces an easy method to steam-bake foods called en papillote.

Foil Baked Salmon

Salmon baked with ginger, onions, honey, curry and crème fraîche makes a great flavor combinaton. Or try one of the many variations.

Salmon Casserole

Spinach is topped with salmon and crème fraîche and then a crumble topping in this quick and easy casserole flavored with dill and mustard.

Salmon en Papillote

This salmon en papillote recipe includes zuchinni, tomatoes, creme fraiche and dill. You can use the basic technique to create your own baked fish recipes.

Seafood Casserole

This seafood au gratin recipe uses frozen scallops, shrimp, mussels, and cod cooked with mushrooms, leeks, and white wine. Quickly impressive.

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