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These delicious and satisfying lentil recipes from France make good use of the humble but mighty lentil. You can either use Le Puy lentils or whatever sort you may have on hand. Don't forget:

  • Lentils are fabulously nutritious, low fat, and make a good basis for a vegetarian meal.
  • Lentils are easy to prepare, and generally do not require soaking before they are cooked.
  • Lentils cook quickly, making them ideal for a fast dinner.
lentil soup recipe Lentil Soup Recipe

Here's a stick to your ribs lentil soup recipe featuring tasty French lentils, peitit salé, or French salt pork, and delicious Toulouse sausage. Perfect for hearty fall appetites. lentil tomato soup Lentil Tomato Soup

Here's a simple French tomato lentil soup recipe that will have dinner on the table in less then an hour. Make it with tiny green le Puy lentils for an authentic taste of France.

lentil salad recipe Lentil Salad Recipe

Try this easy warm lentil salad recipe for a nutritious and satisfying entree. Tasty French lentils are cooked in white wine and paired with creamy goat cheese.

French green lentils French Green Lentils

Lentilles de Puy are very special French green lentils that you can use to great effect in a variety of dishes. Learn about where they are grown, their characteristics, how to cook them, and where to buy them.

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