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One of the characterizing features of French decor is its emphasis on individual style, taste and even limitations. French style does not convey some perfected notion of how a home or a kitchen should appear. You can have peeling paint and still have great style.

French Homes

Most French homes have been built on an individual basis, so each is quite unique. In addition, many are rather old and come with the funky features that old age bestows. Embracing the uniqueness of your home and kitchen is the basis for successful French decorating.


Although there is a trend towards les cuisines equipées, most French kitchens come equipped with a sink and nothing else. It is up to the new owner or renter to fill in with the rest. This means that many French kitchens have stand alone buffets and cupboards rather than built in features. A big table in the center of the kitchen is often the only "countertop" space available. and the lack of cupboards means that many people opt for hanging things on the wall.

Also, remember when exploring possibilities for your home or equipping your kitchen, French style means opting for quality over quantity. Far better to have one awesome Dutch oven, then a cupboard full of inferior quality pots and pans. Evoking a French atmosphere for you home and kitchen begins with expressing your own style and getting creative with the resources you do have.

French Posters

Posters are an inexpensive way to quickly add style to any room. Art.com is a terrific source of tasteful posters. They have excellent customer service and you can have posters shipped to you framed and ready to put on the wall.

coffee posters Coffee Posters

Create the ambiance of French café life with these charming coffee posters. They'll add just the right French touch to your kitchen decor.

French wine posters French Wine Posters

Some of these feature French wine labels and others are beautiful photos. All of them evoke the splendor of vintage French posters Vintage French Posters

What a great way to quickly add a touch of France to your home! French vintage posters are fun and fascinating.

Other Goodies

spice jar labels Spice Jar Labels

Donwload a free set of 42 herb and spice jar labels and add a French touch to your kitchen in just a few minutes. Included is a translation of all the names, so you'll be learning French along the way.

eiffel tower centerpiece two Eiffel Tower Centerpieces

Everyone recognizes the Eiffel Tower as being symbolic of France, and there truly is something magical up this magnificent structure. Add it to your tabletop for a quick and easy way to evoke France at your next dinner party.

wine accessories and gifts Wine Accessories and Gifts

Part of the fun of being a wine drinker is getting to collect some of the fun bits and bobs that go with the territory. If you are someone you know likes wine, have a look at this great collection of openers, chillers, and thermometers.

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