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Easy French Desserts

Make one of these easy fruit dessert recipes for a fabulous finish to any meal. Remember when trying any of these easy French desserts, that the most important step is to select only the best ingredients to cook with. This is particularly important when making fruit desserts!

apple custard tart Apple Custard Tart - Tarte Normande

This French tart smells great while it is baking and it is truly delicious. The custard is spiked with a little Calvados (apple brandy) for extra good flavor.

cherry tart recipe Cherry Tart Recipe

This tart is a little work just because you have to pit all the cherries. After that it is simple. Features cherries baked on a kirsch flavored custard.

french apple tart French Apple Tart

One of our favorite easy apple recipes because it comes with such a delightful story. This apple and caramel pie is baked upside down and then turned over at serving time.

lemon tart recipe Lemon Tart Recipe

You can either make this lemon curd tart with your own pie crust or use a store bought one. Either way this is one of our easiest fruit dessert recipes.

peach melba recipe Peach Melba Recipe

A classic French ice cream sundae, created and named by Auguste Escoffier. Vanilla ice cream, peach halves, raspberry sauce, whipped cream and toasted almonds. Yum!

pear dessert recipe Pear Dessert Recipe

This is actually another fruit tart recipe, but here the pears sit on a chocolate layer. Quck and sure to please.

pear tart recipe Pear Tart Recipe

You can change this easy frangipane and fruit recipe to accomodate the fruit you have available. Here it is made with tinned pears.

plum tart recipe Plum Tart Recipe

This simple plum tart recipe is made with a custard base. Be sure to make this with the sweet and juicy plums for good results.

poached pears Poached Pears

Poires poacheés au vin rouge, or pears poached in red wine, makes an unusual and very easy fruit dessert.

recipe for baked apples Recipe for Baked Apples

This is a simple recipe known as Les Pommes Bonne Femme here in France. Topped with red currant jelly, and a few toasted almond slivers for just the right touch of elegance.

raspberry mousse Raspberry Mousse Recipe

This beautiful raspberry mousse is made with mascarpone cheese and is served on a layer of pineapple compote for extra enjoymet.

strawberry mousse recipe Strawberry Mousse Recipe

Make this ever so light and luscious dessert when strawberries are at their peak. The perfect finish to dinner on a hot summer day.

strawberry tart recipe Strawberry Tart Recipe

Who can resist strawberry tart? I cut out a few steps from the original French recipe to make this extra easy.

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