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French Stew Recipes
Beef, Lamb, Chicken

These French stew recipes are all sure to please hearty appetites. They inlcude beef, lamb or chicken, but also lots of fresh vegetables. They're at their best when cooked slowly - maybe over the course of a long rainy afternoon.

braised rabbit Braised Rabbit

Rabbit is a fairly popular meat in France. This very easy recipe includes lots of cabbage and bakes slowly in the oven. chicken stew recipe Chicken Stew

Chicken Provençal includes lots of vegetables and flavors from the sunny south of France. Enjoy this hearty stew with a crusty loaf of French bread. crock pot beef stew recipe Crock Pot Beef Stew

Turns out that a crock pot is an excellent way to cook estouffade, a traditional slow cooking stew from the South of France. Simple ingredients that add up to huge flavor. duck recipe Braised Duck Recipe

This delicious recipe features duck legs slowly braised in Belgian beer with apricots and thyme. Serve on top of rice. easy beef stew recipe Easy Beef Stew

This recipe, called Carbonnade, features beef and onions slowly cooked in beer. For extra flavor, it can be topped with mustard-slathered slices of bread half way through the cooking time. french stew French Stew

Called Potée Champenoise, this hearty stew comes from the Champagne region of France. It features plenty of slow cooked vegetables as well as ham, bacon and sausage. lamb stew Lamb Stew

Features lots of vegetables that are cooked just until tender. The addition of just a tiny amount of sugar brings out the maximum of flavor. Truly a scrumptious tasting stew. lentils Lentil Stew Recipe

Called petit salé in French, this hugely satisfying dish features not only lean salt pork but wonderfully juicy Toulouse sausage. moroccan chicken recipe Moroccan Chicken Recipe

Another dish showing the influence of North Africa in France, this recipe features preserved lemons and is cooked in a tagine. You could use any sturdy pot as a substitute.

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