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French Sauce Recipes
Hollandaise, Tartar, Bechamel and More

French sauce recipes include a large variety of hot and cold emulsions, roux based sauces, and many others. Mastering a few basic sauces will put most of the others within your culinary reach. And who could imagine French cuisine without sauces?

Warm Sauces

Bearnaise A yummy tarragon flavored hot emulsion that you could lap up on steaks or even fish.

Bechamel Sauce - Perhaps the most fundamental of all French sauces, this begins with a mixture of melted butter and flour to which milk is gradually added.

Beurre Blanc Sauce - White butter sauce sauce will graciously add a touch of richness to plain fish and steamed vegetables.

Blue Cheese Sauce - Made with French Roquefort cheese (you can substitute another blue cheese), this sauce is divine on grilled steaks.

Brown Sauce - One of the most basic of sauces, this can be used as the starting point for a variety of other sauces. Best on meats.

Cheese Sauce - A bechamel sauce recipe to which you add cheese at the end. Used to make au gratin dishes.

Dill Sauce - The perfect sauce for salmon, but you could try this on just about any fish, or even as a topping for steamed vegetables.

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Fresh Tomato Sauce - A fabulous taste that can be used as a topping for pasta, vegetable fritters, or just about anything you wish.

Hollandaise - A classic accompaniment to poached eggs as well as asparagus, this is a lemony flavored hot emulsion.

Onion Sauce - Another bechamel, but this one starts with browned onions as a base.

Orange Sauce - - Similar to a Hollandaise sauce, this is made with blood oranges instead of lemon juice.

Red Wine Sauce - Adding red wine to a basic brown sauce gives you Bordelaise sauce, a delicious accompaniment to a variety of meats.

Tomato Cream Sauce - A white sauce enriched with cream and tomato paste. Perfect for a simple pasta dish.

White Sauce - One of the most basic sauces, this is like a bechamel sauce except that it is made with chicken stock rather than milk.

Cold Sauces

Aioli Recipe - This is mayonnaise made with some crushed garlic and olive oil. A fabulous sauce that goes with so many things. Once you start eating it, it's hard to stop!

Mayonnaise Recipe - Learning to make mayonnaise is just a little tricky, but once you understand the principle behind a cold emulsion, you'll have no problem. Beats store bought mayonnaise hands down.

Rémoulade Sauce - This is the sauce used to make the classic French salad: céleri rémoulade. Also good with fish and meats.

Tartar Sauce Recipe - A sister of rémoulade sauce, the French version is likely to contain chopped hard boiled eggs and a variety of fresh herbs. Great with both hot and cold meats and fish.

Vinaigrette Recipes - Once you know the basic for creating vinaigrettes, you can vary the recipe endlessly to suit your needs and tastes.

Dessert Sauces

Custard Sauce - A basic French dessert sauce, vanilla flavored crème anglaise can be poured on top of cakes, fruits and puddings.

Raspberry Sauce - A luscious fruit coulis that can be poured on top of any numpber of desserts to give them extra great taste.

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