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Easy Chicken Breast Recipes

These easy chicken breast recipes all come together quickly, making them good choices for a week night meal. Some of them are also elegant enough to be served at your next dinner party, and may inspire you to make an entire French menu to delight your guests. Enjoy!

almond chicken recipe Almond Crusted Chicken Recipe

Boneless breasts are dredged in almond meal and bread crumbs, then fried and topped with a tangy honey sauce and toasted sliced almonds. Quick and delicious. breaded chicken recipe Breaded Chicken Recipe

This quick and easy breaded chicken recipe from France uses lots of tasty paprika. Serve these yummy strips with lemon and eggplant caviar, for a fabulous taste combination. chicken cordon bleu recipe Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe

Here's a baked chicken cordon bleu recipe along with a super simple chicken cordon bleu sauce to pour on top. You may also be interested to learn about the origin of the cordon bleu, or blue ribbon, and it's significance in modern France. chicken kiev Chicken Kiev Recipe

Although there is some controversy over what country to credit with this Chicken Kiev recipe, all agree that it is delicious. Also included is a baked Chicken Kiev for fewer calories and less fuss. easy curry chicken recipe Easy Curry Chicken Recipe

Quick curry recipes are surprisingly popular in France. Make this one with whatever vegetables you wish and use crème fraîche to give it a French touch. grand marnier Grand Marnier Chicken

Chicken breasts cooked in a flavorful cream sauce that is spiked with ginger, garlic and Grand Marnier, the famous orange liqueur that goes well in so many recipes. orange chicken Orange Chicken Recipe

This orange chicken recipe features fresh orange juice, chicken breasts, fennel, onions and bacon for a fast and easy French dinner. A great introduction to fennel if you've never tried it.

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