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Easy Soup Recipes

Almost all of these easy soup recipes from France go together quickly, so they are great to make when you need a healthy dinner on the table fast. They include a quick potato and leek, onion, tomato lentil, chicken stock and a number of creamy vegetable soups.

French Soup Recipes

In France, a distinction is made between soupe and potage. Une soupe has small pieces of meat or vegetables in it, as you would find in a classic onion soup. Une potage, on the other hand, is blended to form a homogenous liquid.

Serving soup as a separate course before the main course can mark an elegant beginning to a meal. This may be a good option if you have planned on serving something simple, like poached fish or a grilled steak, for a main course. If you wish to serve soup as a first course to a more complicated meal, do not hesitate to make it ahead of time. Most soup takes quite kindly to rewarming. If a recipe contains cream, it is a good idea to add this after rewarming, to insure that it stays blended properly.

Of course, many easy soup recipes can serve as the main course for family meals. If you serve the soup with a good quality baguette, most people can easily fill themselves with a rich, creamy potage.

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butternut squash soup recipe Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

A great tasting and cheerfully colored soup perfect for brightening dark fall days. This quick creamy potage includes cumin, ginger and lemon juice flavors.

carrot soup recipe Carrot Soup Recipe

A quick and easy starting course with an elegant name, Potage Crécy is one creamy carrot soup your whole family will love.

chicken stock recipe Chicken Stock Recipe

Get in the habit of making your own chicken stock (it is easy!) everytime you roast a chicken and you will have a key ingredient to making your meals taste even better.

cold soup recipes Cold Soup Recipes

When the heat is on high, you may not feel like cooking at all. Try one of these elegant and easy soup recipes as a starter for a cool summer meal.

cream of cauliflower soup recipe Cream of Cauliflower Soup Recipe

This lovely vegetable potage is called Crème du Barry. Made with with egg yolks and cream for extra richness.

cream of spinach soup Cream of Spinach Soup

Make this with fresh or frozen spinach for a colorful, tasty and easy meal that is ready in less than an hour.

easy french onion soup Easy French Onion Soup

One of the great classics of home cooking, this easy onion-filled broth gets topped with cheese and bread. It makes a great main course on a cold rainy day.

garlic soup recipe Garlic Soup Recipe

A recipe from city of Arleux, known as the garlic capital of France, this is topped with bread and cheese just like onion soup.

lentil tomato soup Lentil Tomato Soup

Lentil tomato is a great vegetarian soup that is very quickand can be flavored in a variety of manners.

pea soup recipe Pea Soup Recipe

Potage Saint Germain made with frozen peas so it is very quick to fix and full of great flavor.

potato leek soup recipe Potato Leek Soup Recipe

The idea of serving this leek potato soup cold and calling it Vicyssoise probably originated in America. You can serve it either hot or cold and it is very simple to put together.

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