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Strawberry Dessert Recipes

Just a couple of strawberry dessert recipes so far, but the next time those lovely berries come around Paris, I'm bound and determined to get more of them into an actual recipe, so hopefully this section of Easy French Food will be growing soon.

strawberry mousse Strawberry Mousse Recipe

This strawberry mousse recipe from France is easy to prepare and a nice change from chocolate mousse. Learn about chosing and storing strawberries as well.

strawberry tart recipe Strawberry Tart Recipe

Try this delicious French strawberry tart recipe when the berries are at their peak. Tarte aux fraises is one French fruit dessert that is sure to be a hit.

Some Simple Ideas

whipped cream

You don't have to create an elaborate dessert to enjoy strawberries, especially if they are in season and peaking with sugary flavor. Instead of spending a lot of time in the kitchen, why not try serving a simple bowl of strawberries for dessert topped either with this whipped cream recipe or this creme fraiche recipe? Now that's an easy French dessert!. Or for a little more effort, try this crepe recipe stuffed with strawberries and sugar.

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