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Easy Quiche Recipes

Try one of these easy quiche recipes for a quick French dinner or take one to a party for a sure crowd pleaser. A French quiche is one of the simplest dishes you can make and good results are nearly guaranteed.

If you are new to quiche making, here are some handy tips before you get started on one of the recipes below: how to make quiche.

crustless quiche recipe Crustless Quiche

Any of the recipes you find here can go crust free. Just follow the directions in this extra easy recipe and you will make a quiche that is lower in carbs and calories and can even go gluten free.

salmon quche recipe Salmon Quiche

Salmon filets and shallots combine with creme fraiche and swiss cheese to make this luscious, rich quiche. You can use fresh, frozen or canned salmon for this recipe.

spinach quche recipe Spinach Quiche

Try making this with different cheeses for different effects: gruyère, feta, cheddar, cottage cheese, etc. You can also make this as a crustless quiche or add ham or bacon.

broccoli quiche recipe Broccoli Quiche

Quick and easy quiche featuring tender broccoli florets, onions and gruyere cheese. Substitute another cheese if you wish or add ham or mushrooms.

crab quiche Crab Quiche

Canned crab meat gets put to good use when combined with the slightly sweet taste of sauteed leeks. Perfect for a quick and delicious supper.

ham and cheese quiche Ham and Cheese Quiche

Cubed ham and flavorful cheese combine in this super fast recipe. Have dinner baking in a couple of minutes with just enough time to make a salad.

munster cheese quiche Munster Cheese Quiche

Munster cheese melts beautifully making it a a superb quiche ingredient. Here it is combined with bacon and onions in a fabulous tasting yet very easy quiche recipe.

vegetarian quiche recipe Vegetarian Quiche

Quiche is great food for lacto-ovo vegetarians. This recipe freatures goat cheese and zucchini but once you know the basics of quiche making, you can change it around to accommodate whatever cheese and vegetables you have on hand.

Lorraine map Quiche Lorraine Recipe

Named after a region in the east of France, this is perhaps the most famous of quiches,. A classic quiche lorraine includes just bacon, but you can add cheese for extra flavor and substance.

basic quiche recipe Basic Quiche Recipe

Have your own ideas for fillings for your quiche? Just follow this basic recipe and add what you wish. You can use crème fraîche, whipping cream, half and half or even whole milk with this recipe.

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