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Easy French Fruit Recipes

French fruit recipes always start with the freshest produce avaialable. In France, fruit and nuts tend to be similar to what is grown in North America with some slight variations. When selecting produce, whether to eat out of hand or to use in a recipe, please be choosey.

Use your senses: sight, smell and feel (taste if you can).

If you have the possibility, go to a farmer's market for the freshest produce and to find varieties of fruits not always offered in the grocery store. If you come to France, be sure you visit at least one open air market. Most towns have a market, called le marché at least one day a week - typically Saturday morning, although other days of the week are possible depending on the town.

Remember that starting with the very best ingredients is the conerstone of French cooking. And don't miss out on trying something new. You may be surprised that you have been missing out on something wonderful all these years.

Fruits and nuts are decorative. You might like to keep an attractive bowl of fresh fruits on display in your kitchen. Some unusual shape and color combinations will add a nice decorative touch to your counter top and you will be reminded to eat your fruit!

Easy Fruit Recipes on Easy French Food

Apple Cake Apple Cake Recipes

This couldn't be simpler gâteau aux pommes is good for dessert with a dollop of crème fraiîche or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Or you can serve it for breakfast as a coffee cake. Prune Cake Prune Cake Recipe

Far Breton, a popular recipe from the Brittany region of France, makes a tasty and healthy dessert that is good cold the next morning for breakfast.

Strawberry Mousse Strawberry Mousse

Take advantage of the fresh strawberry season to make this strawberry mousse recipe. It makes for a refreshing change from the usual chocolate mousse.

Pears in Dish Poires poacheés au vin rouge

One of several pear recipes on Easy French Food, poached pears in wine is a somewhat unusual French dessert.

Apples in basket Pommes Bonne Femme

I love this recipe for baked apples because it makes the house smell so good. Served with a dollop of red currant jelly and crunchy toasted almonds for extra pleasure.

Preserved Lemons Lemon Tart Recipe

Here is an easy tarte au citron that is the perfect balance of sweet and sour. It is made with a lemon curd like filling and couldn't be simpler. Just allow enough time for it to chill thoroughly.

Pear Tart Amandine Pear Tart Recipe

This pear tart recipe features a luscious almond frangipanelayer. You can use this recipe as a base for making other fruit aamandine tarts as well.

Chocolate pear tart Pear Dessert Recipe

This is a recipe my neighbor from Alsace gave me. Pears are aboslutely delicious with chocolate and this pear dessert recipe makes the best of their happy relationship.

Strawberry Tart Strawberry Tart Recipe

This tarte aux fraises showcases the fruit to its very best advantage. What better way to end a French dinner? French apple Tart Tatin pan French Apple Tart

This tarte tatin is lots of fun to make and eat. Apples are cooked in a butter caramel and then topped with a crust. You then flip your tart to serve. One of my favorite French fruit recipes.

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