French Cooking

French cooking includes thousands of classic recipes and a lot of specialized terms and techniques. You don't have to enroll in a cooking school (although that can be fun too) to learn a lot about the subject - a little reading and a little practice go a long way. The complexity and artistry of French cuisine is without bounds. Learning a little about how French food is created will increase your enjoyment in the simple pleasure of a good meal. You may also become a better cook!

French Cooking Resources

french cookingterms French Cooking Terms

If you are trying to translate a recipe from French to English, here is a list of some of the more common terms you will find.

ingredients French Ingredients

You probably are already familiar with most of the ingredients typically used in French cuisine, but you may also find a few surprises here.

basic cooking tips Basic Cooking Tips

These tips are not just for French cuisine - they work no matter what you have planned for dinner tonight.

typerwriter French Cooking Artciles

In addition to all the information on this website, here are links to some articles that I have written for other sources over the years. I hope that you enjoy them and find them useful.

french cooking schools French Cooking Schools

Here is a growing resource for finding the perfect cooking school right here in France. Imagine spending your next vacation learning how to cook delicious and beautiful food all while enjoying the French lifestyle. There are classes available all over France and for every level of interest.

french cookware French Cookware

While it is very true that you do not need French cookware to make French food, France does have a number of companies that produce absolutely superb kitchen equipment. Also included here are general cookware items that you might find in a typical kitchen in France.

cooking tools Cooking Tools

I don't know about you, but I love the right gadget! Here are a few cooking tools that are all designed to make your work in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable, whether you are cooking French food or another cuisine.

gourmet cooking supplies Gourmet Cooking Supplies

Here are some ingredients that come up time and time again when you are exploring French cuisine. Most of these are actually readily available - maybe even in your local grocery store, and some are easy to prepare yourself at home.

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