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You will find most of these French dessert recipes to be easy and to have a relatively simple list of ingredients. Of course dessert in France can get a lot fancier than what you will find here, but we are aiming for recipes that most people can make with no special skills or equipment.

Remember too, that even the simplest of desserts becomes elegant when it is served with care and just a hint of panache. It can be hard to scare up panache when you have spent your entire day creating some impossibly complicated treat and have barely had time to remove your chocolate smeared chef's apron before la grande présentation.

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But if it is chocolate and cream you are looking for, just have look at these yummy possibilities . . .

french dessert recipes

Chocolate Mousse Recipe
When you have no idea what your guests might like for dessert, go with the chocolate mousse. This is a fabulous make ahead dessert that you can present in so many different ways - let your imagination run wild, because the recipe is as easy as it gets.

Chocolate Truffle Recipe
Chocolate truffles are one of the easiest treats in the world to make. You can make them with different chocolates and different flavorings depending on what you and your friends like.

Chocolate Pot de Creme
Petits pots de crème means little pot of cream, and what could be better than the chocolate version? A quick, yet elegant tasting dessert.

Creme Brulee Recipe
Crème brûlée is one of my favorite French dessert recipes. You will love this creamy, crunchy symphony of sensations and the recipe is truly simple.

Creme Caramel Recipe
This is one of the most common French desserts for a reason. It is silky sweet and delicious and very easy to make as well.

Parfait Recipe
Flavored with coffee and flecked with nutty pralines, this frozen dessert is light and luscious.

Praline Recipe
Candied hazelnuts and almonds are ground up to make pralin, a necessary ingredient in many French dessert recipes. Also makes a great topping for ice cream.

Pumpkin Souffle Recipe
Make this easy French dessert recipe with pumpkin puree or another type of winter squash. Baked in individual ramekins this makes a sweetly impressive if ephemeral finish to a meal.

Recipe for Bread Pudding
If you have stale French bread, this is a great dessert to make. It features cognac soaked apricots, but you can change it around to accommodate what you have on hand.

Sugar Pie Recipe
Tarte au sucre is a recipe from Flanders. It features a sweet yeast dough topped with raw sugar and custard. Perfect for a simple, unpretentious dessert.

Vanilla Sugar Recipe
Vanilla sugar is often called for in French dessert recipes. Making your own is very easy and the results are much better than most ready made products.

Whipped Cream Recipe
Called crème chantilly in French, whipped cream is used not only as a topping but also as an important ingredient in many recipes.

Not in the mood to cook? Have fun just learning about French desserts.

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