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List of French Ingredients

I am having a lot of fun working on this list of French ingredients and you can expect it to grow. Just having all of these wonderful ingredients in one place can give you ideas for dinner tonight. Plus you get the bonus of working on your French food vocabulary at the same time!

Here we go and in no particular order are some French ingredients - that is, ingredients that are used by home cooks in France.

Meat, Poultry, and Deli Products

  • Bacon - Lard maigre (lardons)
  • Beef - Boeuf
  • Boudin - Boudin
  • Chicken - Poulet
  • Cured ham - Jambon de pays
  • Dry sausage - Saucisson
  • Duck - Canard
  • Duck Confit - Confit de canard
  • Duck mousse - Mousse de canard
  • Goose - Oie
  • Goose liver - Foie gras
  • Ham - Jambon blanc
  • Lamb - Agneau
  • Lard - Saindoux
  • Mutton - Mouton
  • Organ meats - Abats
  • Paté - Paté
  • Pork - Porc
  • Rabbit - Lapin
  • Rillettes - Rillettes
  • Sausage - Saucisse
  • Turkey - Dinde
  • Veal - Veau
  • Wild Boar - Sanglier

Ok, that's enough French ingredients and French food vocabulary words to keep you going for while, but if you think of something I missed, please contact me and I'll add it!

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