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French Onion Soup Bowls

The beauty of French onion soup bowls is that they can be placed in a hot oven or under the broiler. This allows you to get a nice crusty top on your French onion soup. I use them to heat and brown Garbure as well and nothing is to stop you from getting creative with them.

You can use onion soup bowls to bake or broil just about anything. Most of these bowls are not only oven proof, they are dishwasher safe as well. Try baking individual servings of macaroni and cheese or any other favorite casserole in this French cookware for a fun touch at the dinner table.

The traditional French onion soup bowl is made from brown ceramic, but these days they can be found in a variety of colors and with a variety of features.

With Handles

A handle can be useful for transporting your hot onion soup out of the onion and to the table. However, I would never hold a bowl of hot soup just by the handle because of the risk of it breaking off. Consider the handle more of a decorative feature.

With Ears

Here instead of a handle the bowl gets a pair of ears to help you manipulate it. Taking hot soup out of the oven does require some attention and these ears can come in handy. Also, they are rather attractive.

With Lids

Having a lid on your onion soup bowl can be a nice touch. Put the soup to brown in the oven without the lid and then top it with the lid to serve. This will keep things warm a little longer and everyone likes to take the lid off to find their dinner.

Different Sizes

Be aware that French onion soup bowls come in different sizes. These smaller sized bowls would be perfect if you are planning on serving your soup as an entree rather then a main course. They contain 10 ounces each which makes for a small serving once you've added the French bread and cheese.

Different Colors

Le Creuset is a top manufacturer of French cookware. They make onion soup bowls in a delightful range of colors. Choose from cherry, cobalt, and even black and add a touch of color to your table.

I love my French onion soup bowls and use them also just for serving soup hot from the stove. They are truly multi functional and make a great addition to any kitchen.

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