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Electric Crepe Maker Pans

An electric crepe maker can be a convenient and easy way for some people to make crepes. You simply allow the unit to heat for a few minutes and you are ready to cook.

Inexpensive and Functional

The CucinaPro crepe pan is a great alternative if you are only going to be making crepes occasionally. The price can't be beat and the ease of plugging the unit in and knowing it will heat consistently can be all you need to get over any hesitation aout making crepes.

Since you can not tip the unit to spread the batter, you will need to use a batter spreader (called a râteau or rake in French). This is the way crepes are spread in a crêperie. It is included in the purchase price of this model.

The surface is non-stick, although you can add a brush of butter before pouring the batter for extra flavor. When you are done cooking your crepes, you simply wipe the unit clean. It does not go in the dishwasher.

Dip and Flip

These models attempt to eliminate some of the steps that might intimidate beginning crepe makers. Batter is poured into a shallow dish and the heated unit is then turned over and dipped in the batter, before being turned right side up to cook. The VillaWare crepe pan comes with the necessary dipping dish - pictured in the upper right of the image.

Some people love this method, but it looks messy and silly to me. The crepe is only cooked on one side which will give a slightly different effect than the usual crepe making method. Also note that this makes small crepes - 7 inches in diameter. It can be used to make blini and other pancakes as well.

Tibos Crepe Maker

This is a high quality electric crepe maker. If you are going to make a lot of crepes, the higher price tag will be justified.

The temperature can be changed so you can adjust it to suit your speed, batter, and desired results. The unit comes with a number of tools that may be particularly useful to beginners. Experienced crepe makers may wish to invest in a more substantial spreader, and will probably find little use for the other tools.

This unit makes nice big crepes - 13 inches. The cooking surface is non-stick and cleans easily, although it can not be placed in the dishwasher.

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