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Espresso Coffee Cups

Espresso coffee cups can be used for more then just serving your favorite beverage. These cute little demitasse cups are just perfect for serving a small dessert. They are also a good size for many verrine recipes.

How Much is a Demitasse?

Demitasse literally means one half cup. That would seem to indicate 4 ounces, but of course the Frenchman's idea of a cup is different than some people's. Most of these espresso cups measure about 3 1/2 ounces.

A Few Tips

  • Try a double walled demitasse cup if you want to keep your beverage hot for longer. This are amazingly effective.
  • Watch out for the microwave. Even pieces that are marked as safe for the microwave can break. You can usually tell pretty quickly if you are heading for trouble. If your espresso cup heats and your coffee is still cold, stop!
  • Learn to enjoy. Something about their small size invites you to slow down and savor your sips. Why not listen to the message?

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