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French Bread Pan

A French bread pan is a special perforated baking pan that helps your baguettes keep their shape and brown evenly.

Baguette Pans

Whether your looking for french bread pan

  • Bourgeat Cookware
  • Chicago Metallic Bakeware
  • A dual loaf baguette mold
  • Or another special brand
You'll be sure to find it on Amazon.com.

And to complete your French bread experience, be sure to have a look at the Provencal baguette baskets category - perfect for adding a touch of France to your table.

Other French Bread Resources . . .

Here are a few tips for making French bread at home.

And while visiting Easy French Food, please be sure to have a look at some of the customs surrounding bread in France. Here in the Hexagon, is an important part of everyone's day, and nary a meal goes by without a baguette on the table. Learn more about French breads.

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