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Wine Accessories and Gifts

Here is a selection of wine accessories gifts for wine lovers. Just about anything you need to enjoy une bonne bouteille de vin.

«Le bon vin et l'amour font passer d'heureux jours.»

wine bottle chiller Wine Bottle Chiller

Great for when you have forgotten to put the wine in the refrigerator, or to keep an already chilled bottle cold. Includes electric, sleeves, instant and marble models.
wine bottle opener Wine Bottle Openers

There is a method for opening a bottle of wine to suit everyone. Choose from the classic waiter corkscrew, electric, air pump, extractor and lever models. These are wine related gifts that are sure to be used.
wine thermometer Wine Thermometer

Choose from probe, laser, or collar models and always be sure you are serving your wine at a correct temperature.

More wine gifts and accessories coming soon!

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