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French Coffee Posters

These coffee posters would look great in just about any kitchen. You can have them framed and shipped at a very reasonable cost by Art.com.

I hope that when you see this bit of French decor, you'll remember to slow down a little bit. In France coffee break is called la pause café, and many people do just that. They pause. They sit. They talk with friends. Or if they have no one to talk to, they watch the people passing by.

So pour yourself a good cup of coffee (maybe one made in a French press coffee pot to get an authentic café flavor) and enjoy the view

Did you notice that some of these French coffee posters have that retro look? French vintage advertising is great fun - an entertaining peek into another culture and time. Check out these vintage French posters if you want to see some more.

Also, here's a collection of French wine posters that you may enjoy.

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