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Wine Thermometer

A good wine thermometer assures that you are always getting the most pleasure from your wine by drinking it at an appropriate temperature. Having a little technical data also adds to the fun for lots of people.

Wine Collar Thermometers

These are the easiest to use. Just attach them to your bottle and you will be constantly informed of the bottle's temperature. Of course these are less accurate than a probe, but for many people this is all the information they are going to need.

Temperature Probe

The old fashioned way to test the temperature of a food or liquid is still the most accurate. These are usually digital these days. All you need to do is insert them in the bottle or a glass of wine and read off the temperature. Perhaps a little messier than a collar or laser.

Laser Thermometers

The new-fangled way of measuring a beverage's temperature is rapidly gaining in popularity. No mess and instant data read out make these a fun tool for oenophiles.

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