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Wine Bottle Chiller

Ice cubes floating in your wine?

Having a wine bottle chiller means that you can be just just minutes away from a perfectly chilled bottle of wine. Do be careful when selecting one, as all beverage coolers are not created equal.

Electric Wine Chillers

Overall these seem to be a finicky lot. Most models require you to load them up with ice and cold water, which is assuming a lot from someone who forgot to chill the wine in the refrigerator! Those that don't need ice, don't seem to work so well. These would probably be good for keeping an already cold bottle chilled.

Personally I like the design on the Kapoosh - appeals to my Judy Jetson side.

Ice Sleeves

If you can remember to keep one of these Rapid Ice sleeves in the freezer, you can forget to chill the wine. Results are best for chilling a red down to correct drinking temperature. I have had less than satisfactory results with white wine, but I am an impatient gal when it comes to my glass of wine.

The blinQ is a combination of an electric wine bottle chiller with the idea of the ice sleeve. It has inserts that must be pre-frozen and then it does a great job at chilling.

Instant Wine Chiller

This device sold by Ravi chills the wine as it is being poured. You must carefully pour at the right speed to get the right effect, and some people note it as not being able to get a white wine quite cool enough.


These will keep a bottle of wine that is already at the proper temperature from warming. They make attractive items on the tabletop as well.

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