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Question: Hi. I recently had a French dessert at my French friend's house. It was something like vanilla ice cream in a bun and hot chocolate over it. I have no idea what its name was.

Answer: Sounds like that must have been profiteroles. This popular dessert commonly features choux pastry puffs filled with either vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, then topped with chocolate sauce. You'll also find many creative variations on this basic idea.

The origin of profiteroles, like many popular foods, is debatable. The French, Italians and English all claim to have at least contributed in the creation of this this yummy dessert.

You can make these yourself without too much effort. Start by following this
cream puff recipe . Allow the puffs to completely cool, then slice off the tops and place a small scoop of vanilla ice cream inside. Top with warm chocolate sauce. Alternatively you can pipe whipped cream into the hollow interior of the puffs.

These are usually served with several on one plate to make one serving.

Thanks for writing with your question and bon appétit!


Photo by Le Blagueur à Paris.

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