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Savarin Cake

by Sandra
(Murrieta, California)

Savarin Mold

Savarin Mold

Question: Have you ever heard of a cake called severain? I am looking for the recipe for a friend.

Answer: Hi Sandra, Thanks for writing in with your question.

You are thinking of a Savarin, which is a yeast leavened ring cake that is imbibed in rum flavored syrup and filled with whipped cream. It is similar to a Baba au Rhum, but differs in shape and usually contains no raisins or currants.

Of course there are many variations on this French cake, which commemorates the 18th and 19th century gastronomic philosopher, Brillat-Savarin. Here is a recipe you may like from the Food Network:
Savarin Cake with Grand Marnier Syrup .

If you are thinking about making a Savarin you might like to use a silicone mold like the one pictured above. You can learn more here:
silicone molds for fabulous French cakes .

Thanks for visiting EFF and I hope that helps you some in your culinary quest.

Kind Regards,


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