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Replacement of Alcohol in Food Preparation

by Zadilah
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Question: Due to religious reasons, I do not take alcohol. In some of your recipes, alcohols are used such as rum, wine, beer in stews, cakes etc. What would be the replacement 'liquid' that can be used without affecting the taste so much?

Answer: Hi Zadliah. Good question. I have answered this a bit before in the following post: alcohol substitute in cooking .

There are some French recipes that just aren't going to work without the alcohol. Stews that cook in a bottle of wine or beer for example.

In other recipes where the alcohol is meant just to give a hint of flavor, you can sometimes just omit it. However, if it is more than a couple of tablespoons, and especially when baking, you will need to substitute another liquid. Do see the above link for further information.

Hope that helps and happy cooking!


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