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Perfume Candies

by Stacy
(Shelburne Falls, Ma, USA)



I have tried to find these, but don't know the name. When I was a kid in the early 70's, my grandmother had some candies given to her by my Uncle who was living in France. I don't know exactly when he gave these to her, but I think she had them a while.

We never knew the name, but as kids we called them "perfume candies" as this is exactly how they smelled. They were essentially small round balls of glycerine/sugar with a perfumey liquid inside, they were colored with pastel colors as I recall. Any idea what I am talking about, what they are called, and if I can get them somewhere?

Thanks, Stacy


Hi Stacy,

What you are describing sounds like honey drops which are frequently made with lavender honey which would explain the perfume taste. These are small hard candies with a liquid honey center. They are sold here in France with the name
boules de miel au lavande or boules fourrees au miel de lavande .

I notice that Amazon sells them but are apparently out that moment. Frenchy Bee, a mail order site for French products, also appears to carry them.

Do you think these are the candy?

Kind Regards,


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Perfume Candies

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Apr 28, 2012
I'll keep looking
by: Kim

Oh ok, I will have a look about and let you know when I find something. I love culinary quests! (Recently I stumbled on something someone had inquired about over a year ago and I was able to hook them up. Boy did that feel good!)

Apr 27, 2012
perfume candies
by: Stacy

Hi Kim,
Thanks for your reply, actually, I know they are not the honey candies to which you refer. They were very small, and definitely were sugar, no honey taste. Thanks, Stacy

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