Easy French Food and Recipes


by Debbie La Fond
(Ft Laud, Florida)

I was invited for thanksgiving to have lunch with my french friend,Michele,and two of her french friends,a couple.

It was a wonderful experience,as it started with us sitting down to chat for about an hour over some olives, nuts and popcorn,accompanied with champagne.

Then,we went to another table set for lunch and a bottle of red wine. Out comes the turkey, some radishes enjoyed with a pat of butter and salt, then a serving of tomatoes, asparagus and boiled eggs. On the left of the plate was a roll,and after finishing the meal, we then had a piece of pumpkin pie with coffee.

All the while, there was conversation among us, a lot of it in french,sometimes in english, and this lasted about four hours.

Bon appetit!

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