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French Tea Time

by Anonymous

French Tea Time

French Tea Time

Question: What do French people eat and drink for their tea time? And when is the general tea time?

Answer: Most children in France will have a snack (called a goûter ) at around four in the afternoon. This is why this little meal is sometimes called le quatre heures (the four o'clock).

Although it is quite likely a French adult might
grignote (nibble) something around four, there really is not an active tradition of enjoying tea time together. Friends might get together anytime in the afternoon for a tea or coffee, but oftentimes there is no food involved.

goûter on the other hand is truly an essential moment in French children's daily lives. The classic snack is a piece of baguette with some chocolate. In modern times, the chocolate is often replaced by Nutella .

Hope that answers your question about French tea time!

Photo by Magurka.

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