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French Snail Dish

by Brian
(Elizabeth NJ)

French Snail - Helix Pomatia

French Snail - Helix Pomatia

Question: One time I was at a French restaurant and they served, as an appetizer, snails over puff pastry with a sauce. Do you have any idea what I had?

Answer: Hi Brian. Thanks for writing in with your question. Sounds like a pretty tasty way to enjoy snails.

As far as I know there is no particular traditional dish that fits this description. However, it certainly is a popular way to fix escargot as well as seafood. You would also quite likely find it served in a larger portion as a main dish.

Typically, the sauce would just be a rich white cream sauce, something like this
sauce suprême . Here in France, one can easily buy prefabricated mini puff pastry shells ,
making this a fairly easily replicated dish at home.

As for a name,
Petits feuilletés aux escargots would probably most accurately describe this dish.

Here you can learn more about
French snails .

Hope that helps some!

Kind Regards,


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