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French Cheesecake

by Robyn
(Dallas, Texas)

Question: Do you have a French recipe for cheese cake? If I am correct, they are much more creamy and smooth than other types for example New York cheese cake. Hope you can help.

I am a facialist in Dallas Texas. I just love your web site I have been telling all of my clients.

Answer: Hi Robyn. The term French cheesecake gets bandied about without there being any real consensus for what it is, although some claim it is distinguished by the inclusion of gelatin to set it rather than eggs.

My experience living here in France is that people serve what they call a gateau au fromage, and it is much different from what I expect from a cheesecake. It is made with a dairy product called fromage blanc and is usually flavored with lemon. The result is a much lighter and less sweet cheesecake. Here is a link to a recipe for: French-style cheesecake.

As for the fromage blanc, I have heard that you can get a reasonable substitute by blending two parts of cottage cheese to one part yogurt. I've never tried because here we can't get cottage cheese! Dairy products certainly vary from country to country.

Hope that helps you some and thanks so much for telling your clients about EFF!

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