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by Anonymous

Question: What are five food items French people eat for breakfast?

Answer: Well, I hope I'm not answering your homework question, but here goes -

Baguette. This long slender French bread is the basis for most French breakfasts. It is best bought fresh that morning, but that means someone has to go out early to fetch it.

Butter. For the baguette of course. The best butter in France is made in Normandy. Butter spread on a slice of baguette makes a tartine.

Coffee or hot chocolate. This is frequently served in a bowl to allow one to dip their tartine in their beverage.

Croissants. Most French people will only have these on occasion. Like a baguette they should be bought fresh. A buttery rich croissant is one of the tastiest of French breakfast foods.

Fresh Orange Juice. Called an orange pressée, many people will quickly squeeze an orange for their morning juice.

Hope that helps, and if you are in school, study hard!

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