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Chalet Pedro

by Kate Dickerson

Kate Dickerson from Discover Your Joie de Vivre

Kate Dickerson from Discover Your Joie de Vivre

My husband and I used to travel around France with Patricia Wells' Food Lover's Guide to France as our main travel guide. It is no longer up to date, but it is still on my list of favorite books of all time.

One restaurant that stands out in my mind is Chalet Pedro in the Pyrenees. As Patricia warned, it is not easy to find - you must travel on several unmarked mountain roads before finally finding it. But when it comes to French food, we are always determined! We found the charming little spot, parked on the grass outside, and walked inside, crossing over a little rushing stream, by footbridge, just before the door.

The stream was home to the most delicious river trout I have ever tasted, as I discovered after ordering it from the short but tantalizing menu. It was lightly sauteed in butter, and accompanied by fresh local mushrooms, practically floating in more butter and garlic. The idea of eating fish that was literally caught from the stream for me, after I had placed my order, brought back memories of camping in Northern Minnesota, as a child. However, we never had garlic like that! ...And soaking up every last drop of sauce with slices of baguette added a finishing touch to a fabulous experience.

Immerse all five of your senses in more of Kate's marvelous French food stories at Discover Your Joie de Vivre!

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